Recabinet 5

Recabinet 5

Recabinet 5

The latest update to the industry-standard cabinet simulation plugin,Recabinet 5, puts the focus back on cabinet simulation, and spins off the critically acclaimed amp modeler Thermionik into its own separate product line. This embraces the modular philosophy shared by most guitarists and producers, who love to easily mix and match different effects from various manufacturers to create the final tonal result.

UPGRADE NOTICE: Recabinet 5 and Thermionik Modern Classics 1 are both FREE updates for ALL Recabinet 4 owners. Log into your account and check your available downloads. :)

Please note: Recabinet 5, as a new purchase, does not include any impulse responses. The Recabinet IR libraries are available separately in this store.

Product Details


  • 2 channel cabinet blending and panning
  • Console-modeled EQ (Kazrog Konsole EQ)
  • External convolution impulse response (IR) loader on both Recabinet channels – load your favorite IRs (sold separately)
  • Industry-leading Speaker Dynamics modeling

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