masterDither – The Missing Dither

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Kazrog masterDither is a professional mastering grade final dither for the modern master. 

masterDither Features

  • 5 target bit depths (8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 bits)
  • 3 dither noise types (TPDF, RPDF, and GPDF Gaussian)
  • 5 noise shaping algorithms (K1 and K2 for modern aggressive shaping, and P1-3 for psychoacoustic traditional shaping.) Noise shaping can, of course, be disabled.
  • Auto blanking to mute dither noise when program material is silent (digital black.)
  • Preset functionality for easy recall of favorite settings.

Why Dither?

Dithering adds an extremely low level of random noise to audio in order to prevent quantization error distortion during bit depth reduction. Typically, you will want to use a dither as the final processing step prior to bit depth reduction during a final master bounce.

So why did we make masterDither? While most recording software includes some sort of dither plugin, many of the bundled solutions are quite dated, and don’t take advantage of some of the latest techniques for dither noise shaping. Many of our users have requested that we make a dither, so masterDither is the result of talking to our users about what they look for in a good dither, and engineering something that can be an ideal final dithering stage for any professional audio mastering application.

Learn more about the science of dithering at AudioCheck.Net and Xiph.Org.

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