KClip 2 Pro

KClip 2 Pro

KClip 2 – The Trusted Loudness Plugin

MacAudio UnitsAAX Native 64

Kazrog KClip 2 – the classic mastering clipper plugin, used on countless major label masters - available now for a new low price.

KClip is the most transparent way to increase the apparent loudness of your mixes during mastering. KClip isn’t just for mastering, though – in fact, it’s incredibly useful for adding warmth, distortion, or saturation to individual tracks – use it to fatten up drums, bass, synths, guitars, vocals, and more!

KClip 2 adds much-requested features such as metering and waveform display, in addition to gapless internal bypass, preset functionality, 32x oversampling (double the original), and inverse gain linking. KClip 2 Pro expands upon the feature set with 4 soft clipping modes (smooth, crisp, tube, and tape), offline render mode with up to 256x oversampling, 5.1 surround support, and expanded factory presets.

What’s new in KClip 2?

Features: KClip 2 Pro
All KClip 1 features x
Waveform displays x
Clip process amount metering x
RMS metering x
Smooth soft clipping x
Crisp soft clipping x
Tube saturation x
Tape saturation x
Oversampling Up to 256x (offline)
Offline render mode x
Inverse linked in/out gain toggle x
5.1 surround support x
masterDither plugin included x
Internal gapless bypass x
Cross platform preset load/save x
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