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KClip 3
KClip 3 - The ultimate mastering clipper, track saturator, and loudness meter!
Synth Warmer
Analog synth filter emulation based on the iconic 1970s monosynth ladder filter design, complete with overload distortion and self oscillation. Use to warm up tracks or create total sonic havoc. Out now!
True Iron
The true sound of transformers. Add warmth and heft to your tracks and masters.
KClip 2 Pro
KClip 2 is the classic variable hard/soft clipper, used by top producers and mastering engineers around the world.
ValvEQ is a Baxandall inspired mastering and mixing equalizer plugin with emulated tube and solid state topology. Out now!
Kazrog masterDither is a world class mastering dither plugin at a very affordable price.
Thermionik Suite
Thermionik is Kazrog's collection of highly accurate guitar amp modeling plugins. This full bundle includes all 30 amp models, Recabinet cabinet simulator and IR library, and all 5 overdrive stomp box modeling plugins.


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